SEC Technologies focuses on Stand-off and long-range detection and identification of airborne chemicals. Small concentrations, far distances in kilometers and precision matched only by point detectors will give customer an unparalleled advantage. With SEC Technologies flagship product, Falcon 4G, customer can simply visualize cloud in 3D image without necessity to have two or three detectors aligned for triangulation. With consumption bellow 25W it becomes reliable partner working tirelessly for the whole day on the battery. Very important as Falcon 4G will be the only stand-off detector that will see the secondary cloud. Long time after it became invisible for all other systems due to the loss of its temperature difference in the environment. Based on pulsed – low energy lasers Falcon 4G is undetectable on the battlefield.

SEC Technologies is a company with roots in Military Research Institute but works today within all domains of chemical detection. SEC Technologies core team is working on chemical and biological stand-off and long-range detection for over 30 years and for the whole time SEC Technologies is in touch with the end users. From CBRN military units, firefighters, oil & gas and heavy industries, coast guards to environmentalist. SEC Technologies stay close to people that have a need to detect chemicals and requires their detection technology to function in real environments. High humidity or dry deserts with lot of dust, sunrise or sunset scenarios with sun blinding all other detectors, background with trees or no background, any temperature, SEC Technologies simply understand that chemical disasters don’t wait for the best moment with a spotlight. SEC Technologies understand customers need 100% performance in any situation. Therefor SEC Technologies put the spotlight on the location customer wants to survey. And SEC Technologies do it from really far. Long range chemical reconnaissance is probably the hardest objective for Falcon 4G and family of products develop. Staying undiscovered, keeping maximum safe distance and yet be able to detect very low thresholds? SEC Technologies can do that. SEC Technologies eye safe and undetectable short laser pulses will reach to far distances and bring back reliable information. With a speed of light becoming the best team player for long-range chemical reconnaissance.

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Falcon 4G