Founded by partners Raphael Fleischhauer and Jürg Thomann in 2000, Piexon is now an SMB with 15 employees and headquartered in Aarwangen near Langenthal, Switzerland.

The company has always specialized in the production of pepper-based self-defence technologies. The patented and unique system by which highly effective liquid irritant agents are delivered as a jet has opened up completely new perspectives concerning the use of such technologies and forms the basis of all JPX products.

Piexon constantly refining and adding to our product range, with respect to which we not only apply stringent quality standards, but strive in particular to make our products as effective as possible.

The JPX is significantly superior to any electric shock weapon and conventional pepper sprays because it has more substantial and longer-lasting effects that are better controllable. Added to that, JPX systems are also relatively affordable both to purchase and use.

Every one of JPX defenders is assembled and tested by specialists at our production facility in Aarwangen. This guarantees a near zero error rate. 

Download Brochure: JPX4