Pharmaceutical industry
Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industry. – The pharmaceutical industry is a dynamic, research-intensive industry that is also highly regulated for  fundamental reasons. To promote research and innovation in the design / production of drugs and to protect consumers from potentially harmful effects of drugs.

Raw Material Identification is one of the most important quality control aspects in pharmaceuticals.

With increasing regulatory pressures and a need to streamline processes, pharmaceutical manufacturers need to perform accurate incoming raw materials identification all the time.

As Regulation inadvertently increase operating cost of the overall industry, reducing sampling costs and increase laboratory and receiving efficiency becomes a priority.

In Acxodus, we enable pharmaceutical manufacturers in being able to quickly and reliably identify materials during receiving and before they are used in final product. This in turn helps reduces costs associated with wasted materials and time.


The type of services perform for our customer include Verification and Validation. We can help create plans to realize our customer’s strategy and support activities to deliver validation packages that stands up to scrutiny.

This ranges from Design Qualification (DQ), Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ) and most of all Performance Qualification (PQ).


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