CBRNE Protection
CBRNE Protection
CobaltLight RESOLVE: Identifying explosives/Chemicals/Narcotics thru Opaque packaging

A New Capability for Hazmat, EOD and Law Enforcement

Enabling Faster, Safer Critical Decision-Making

  • Detect through coloured and opaque plastic, dark glass, paper, cardboard, sacks and fabrics
  • Keep hazards contained – No need to open or disturb objects
  • Fast – Accurate ID of chemicals and mixtures in ~1 minute (or less in some modes of operation), with no sample preparation or consumables
  • Unique technology significantly reduces the risk of igniting sensitive explosives
  • Rugged – Built to withstand tough user environments
  • User-friendly – Large buttons, simple interface, designed for use in protective gear


Handheld Through-Barrier ID

Resolve is the world’s only handheld Raman system for true through-barrier identification of hazardous or contraband materials. Resolve rapidly detects and identifies materials from comprehensive libraries, with Cobalt’s unique handheld SORS™technology enabling positive identification through a wide range of sealed non-metallic containers, barriers and packaging.



Chemical Warfare Agent Detection