Aviation Security
Aviation Security
X Ray Image recognition


Inert Narcotics and Inert Explosives simulants


LAGs screening technology


Bomb containment vessels

Bomb containment vessels

Aviation security Vulnerability Test

We work with aviation Authorities to set up an Independent group, called the vulnerability test group. The purpose of this group is to challenges the organization to improve its effectiveness. We train and help airport built a team that allows them to do a self-audit, bringing the overall security competency of the organisation. In the course of process, this approach provides a comprehensive solution for the toughest security challenges the organisation may potentially faced.


Full-Body security scanner

Our full-body general-use screening system, identify material by its atomic number, helps in recognizing threats items hidden in personnel that will never be pick up with metal detector. It overcomes the problem of false alarm by electronic sniffing detector.


Aviation security training

We conduct courses is designed for supervisors and instructor in the aviation sector, that wish to know how to prepare mock-up IEDs (improvised explosive device) using inert explosive simulants, to create life-like drill for their employees and trainees and to pass on this knowledge in a formatted manner.

We also teach airport both non- security staff and security staff how to interview a potential suspect in a non-discreet manner.