Fast Facts on Acxodus
Fast Facts on Acxodus

As an organization, ACXODUS operates in the premium industries namely Governmental Security, Pharmaceutical and Oil & Gas sector.

Since its inception, Acxodus has been servicing the Law Enforcement Agencies in the Asia region with cutting edge technologies and innovative ideas to approach this ever changing industry.

The company is managed by a team of dedicated professionals, Acxodus has been able to maintain its growth and deliver varied aspect of technologically advanced and unique products and services through high quality management and dedication to customer satisfaction.

The products and services the company offers the security sector includes a wide range of services and products from Security Consultation, Digital Forensics solution, Aviation Security Solutions, Ballistics Protection Materials, Less than Lethal Weapons through to armoured vehicles.

In the Pharmaceutical sector, Acxodus has helped MNC and Generics Manufacturer alike verify Raw Materials (API’s/Exicients) and Finished Products, for measurement of Content Uniformity