A.C.S. Industries Ltd.
A.C.S. Industries Ltd.


A.C.S. INDUSTRIES is established & acknowledged company in the security field, offering the very latest in combat solutions.

A.C.S. INDUSTRIES staffed by elite military, police, intelligence & security specialists who possess invaluable expertise gained from real-life combat situations, giving A.C.S. an advantage & insight in how to revolutionize the combat equipment field.

The Trigger Pouch, is a unique and innovated grenade holster that carries grenades in a safe and secure manner. The trigger pouch allows for quick one-handed release, one action, especially crucial in the world of fighting terrorism where every second is critical.

The innovative product has aroused much interest specifically among elite combat and security units around the world. Trials have been conducted by units in the USA, France, Germany, Japan, to name a few. The Israeli Yamam has already purchased the Trigger Pouch for all of its fighters. Furthermore,

The Trigger Pouch has 6 separate security mechanisms which enable both the safe handling and quick extraction of the grenade.

Due to high demand, the company has been expanding its range, to additional grenade makes and models.

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